What is the procedure for those with private dental insurance?

If you are covered by dental insurance, we will forward your treatment bill by email to your insurance company. In most cases, the amount covered by your insurance policy is immediately available. All that remains to do is to pay the remaining balance not covered by your insurance.
In cases where the insurance form cannot be sent by email, we will forward it to your insurance company by post once it has been completed. You must then pay the total bill for treatment at the clinic, after which you will be reimbursed the amount covered by your insurance company.
Note that dental insurance cover depends on the type of insurance policy you have and on your individual insurance company. We must emphasise that all agreements signed by you and your insurer are confidential and that we cannot access your personal details. You are advised to consult your insurance company regarding which treatments are covered, and the maximum annual amount you are entitled to be reimbursed.