When is tooth extraction necessary?

A stage may be reached where tooth extraction is the only option. Your dentist’s extensive experience makes it easier to take effective care of your oral health.

Tooth extraction is necessary when:

  • the tooth structure has been extensively damaged by decay
  • a tooth or the bone holding it in place has been completely destroyed by infection
  • there is not enough space in your oral cavity for all your teeth to fit comfortably
  • in some cases, the eruption or partial eruption of a tooth can cause an infection in the bone.  This could damage the roots of adjacent healthy teeth, causing toothache that could be eradicated by extracting the diseased tooth.


In the case of wisdom teeth, extraction is sometimes necessary. There are various reasons for this, the most common being:

  • wisdom teeth can cause pain and/or infection when they are badly positioned or lack sufficient space to ‘come through’ fully. In this situation, they remain impacted in the gum and become painful;
  • even if wisdom teeth come through normally, like other teeth, they can still become decayed. If the dentist cannot find a treatment to successfully save a wisdom tooth, he must consider extracting it.
  • From an orthodontic point of view, if wisdom teeth lack sufficient space to come through but are left to carry on pushing, there is a risk that they will push on other teeth and cause poor teeth alignment.


Ask Dr Cantillo and his team to give you a personalised evaluation to find out what precautions to take before undergoing a tooth or wisdom tooth extraction operation.